Monday, August 22, 2011

Confessions From the Realm of the Underworld (Also Known as High School), by Laura Josephsen

This book gives me warm fuzzies.

It's a YA novel about a school year in the life of one Persephone 'Sephie' Benson, who thinks clichés are boring and then proceeds to live through a whole bunch of them in decidedly unboring fashion. I love the solid, loving family around Sephie, and the way those healthy relationships carry over into her equally healthy relationship with her best friend Joey. There's drama, but the way Sephie deals with it doesn't make me want to shake her and tell her to stop being stupid. She's not so perfect that I want to shake her and tell her to stop being so perfect either--the author found the sweet spot in the middle.

Age I'd let Z read it: 12 or 13. There's nothing vulgar or inappropriate here, but the drama Sephie and her family deal with is high-school level drama.

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